The Wreckage

Dark clouds have dissipated
from that summer day
From all wreckage,
whats left to say?
Shards of metal
that cut to the bone
Memories of horror
that chill to the core

How can good
come from the bad?
How can happy
come from the sad?
How can the broken
tho broken, be whole?
How can the heart
not break anymore?

Who said the righteous
will cry no more?
If pain steals all strength
then why pain I implore?
If memories can haunt you
where is the grace?
If scars last forever
can they be seen on my face?

If held, how am I in
this place where Ive been?
The only trace of the wreckage
is the scars from within
Grounds shift like earthquakes
I can feel it all around.

What I really want to know…
Is how the wreckage
became my steady ground? ~ajp~ written 1/6/2010


~ by itsjojogirl on January 6, 2010.

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