For a Time

I find it funny how people I barely know had a sudden interest in my life and decided to take the time to find my blog here to pound me down when I was already as low as I could go in some regards.

Writing is an outlet for me. I have been doing it through journaling for 20 years consistently. Consider this blog a form of healing for me as well. A way to express what I feel with whats on my heart while hopefully encouranging someone else who may be going through similar things.. to just hold on another day and make it through.

Yes, you criticizers got me for a time. Stopped me right in my tracks from the pain even though you knew nothing of my life, and you used my kids to do it. My children are my everything so of course it cut deep into me.

So criticizers, read away, judge all you would like…and when you get bored of judging me you will move onto to someone else because you thrive off of condemning someone to make yourself feel better.

For a time I was gone…
Im back now and you wont stop me this time.


~ by itsjojogirl on October 21, 2010.

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