Riding the Storm Out

I have an idea!  It will take a little planning though and some work to see if it proves successful.  The great thing about ideas are that if you have enough of them, eventually one will work, and this one may.

It will not be a quick fix to our current financial situation, after all, on my current visa I can not work in Australia at all, I can not even volunteer.  The next four weeks will be very difficult due some weekly high payments on the new visa.  I have seen the impossible happen before, so I’m hopeful for a miracle again so all we can do is rough it out and ride the storm.

My oldest son was in a bad situation with finances a few months ago, so we sent him money.  I’d rather struggle and know  he is ok.  It meant so much to me that Darren agreed, so here we are, riding the storm out.

All my kids are doing well.  Warren (my ex) and I have really been communicating well lately, to the point of  him asking me for relationship advice in the current relationship he is in surprisingly enough, so it has eased my mind greatly having a peace about it.  Greatest of all, is my children are all doing very well.

Yesterday, I made myself an exercise plan and I have determined to stick to it.  So despite sore legs, I grabbed my Ipod and headed out to the Esplanade and moved it around the maze of paths at the oceans edge.  It is really beautiful there.  People are everywhere doing the same thing. You can look over the edge of the planked walkways and see the little crabs running around when the tide is out.  The birds there are my favorite, I love water birds.  The colors are gorgeous, all shades of blues, greens,  browns and dusty creams.  The constant breeze from the ocean counteracts the beating sun pounding on you, and the air is so nice to breath in.  It is just a good feeling to be alive!  I have  let myself go for so long so I do have some weight to lose (that’s another of my many battles), so long story short, it won’t be the last time I tread those paths and watch little crabs scuttle around. 

My next art quilt will most definately be a bird on those shores.

Ok, now onto my idea…

I have been asked in July 2011 to teach my art technique in a 3 day course to 300-500 people.  Why cant I do something sooner, and make up patterns with instructions and sell them?  If there are that many people interested in learning from me, it sounds logical and very achieveable.  I can draw anything, so coming up with a pattern will not be difficult for me to do at all.  I can write and explain things step by step…I can teach.

Maybe I can work on that while I have all this idle waiting time for visas.

hmmm…trying never hurts.  If it doesnt work..I will keep trying.


~ by itsjojogirl on November 2, 2010.

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